Saturday, 6 January 2018

New Years Bloodbath!

This year I have decided to try and reduce the list of projects pending and focus on starting my Bloodbath at Orcs Drift collection. The 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy battle  Scenario is one of earliest memories of wargaming and I have been rebuilding the collection for the last couple of years. 

On Card sheets included with the boxed set

All of the metal figures originally available, including several figures made for the set.

When it was first released I replayed the battles and many others using the card figures included but I  have been collecting the original or close enough (to fill the massed Orc ranks!) and now have the majority of the figures and by weight alone it is over due!

My aim is to build the terrain and paint all the figures, one command sheet at a time and as I had already painted up Guthrum Mane, the Rock giant previously I am starting with the Vile Rune Orc Tribe.

rebasing Guthrum Mane

Fangor Gripe

next up will be the 40 strong Vile Rune Orc unit and a start on the terrain...

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