Monday, 19 January 2015

Tor Gaming

Browsing through the web I have come across Tor Gaming and their 30mm Relics game. 

The figures have a great look to them, especially the stitched up puppets as soldiers. I have not done 30mm before but i like the potential of extra detail and a more intimate skirmish feel, looking over their online store the prices are not bad as well so might pick some up just to paint if nothing else.
Looking over the website they seem to have taken the time to build a strong backstory which is always going to be a pull for me and with their rules going for free I can use some proxies and give it a test drive.
The company are also running a mystery box promotion at the moment so its worth popping over to the site to have a look and enter as well!

I will follow up once I have tried out the Rules and picked up some figures!

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