Saturday, 17 January 2015

Speeder Bike conversion

With the release of the trailer for the next Star Wars film i was taken by the new retro speeder and decided to have a go for my 15mm Faction.
The ground forces for my Sci Fi Faction are from Ground Zero Games UNSC range and based the conversion on their Grav Bike, this would give me a rider and help the piece to scale.
For the front bulk I will be using a pen lid from a Highlighter Pen.

sized against the GZG UNSC line unit.

The Clip from the Pen lid was removed and back of the Grav bike was filed flat with the saddle and the side panels removed.

It was then glued to part of a chop stick (flatter so better than just dowelling) with copper wire  and strips of card added to it and the main body. The bottom rim was added from another section of the pen with holes drilled while the fins were other sections filed and heat bent - I will probably use Plasticard if I do any more. The top of the lid was also filed in to give a cockpit recess.

The extra dowelling was stuck where the pen would be and the space filled with NoMoreNails mixture which will keep the parts secure and act as a filler.

Piece base coated and based. Two Pence piece with sand build up with NoMoreNails

The final Speeder bike with and without rider. I have gone for quite a weather look as these will be used as Heavy/long range Scouts.

Ground Zero Games Grav Bike

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