Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Inspiration: The Amtrak Wars

The Amtrak Wars is a series of six books written by Patrick Tilley. The series is a post apocalyptic epic set in a future america and charts the conflict between the Amtrak Federation and the Plain folk Mutes.
The Amtrak federation are the descendants of the those who fled into the bunkers following a nuclear war and have now developed an advanced underground civilisation, highly militarised and based on an idealised version of America. Above ground are the Mutes, the descendants of those who survived the war and now live a Native American style existence, living of the land and forming warring clans.
After a thousand years the Amtrak Federation has now emerged to reconquer the 'Blue Sky world and eradicate the Mutes.
I first read the series when i was at school and the world it created has stuck with me, both in its creation of the Amtrak Federation society but also the technology they wield against the Mutes including great Wagon Trains:

' The Lady from Louisiana - which steve stood gazing up at - was a space age, multi-section, articulated vehicle over six hundred feet long!..
The Lady consisted of two command,fire control cars standing some thirty-five feet high to the roof of their raised cabs and situated at the head and tail of the wagon train, two powers cars, and twelve weapon, cargo and accommodation case - all connected by flexible passways. Each forty footlong section was mounted on four huge low pressure tyres, twelve feet in diameter and twelve feet wide, capable of traversing most types of terrain.'      
                                                                                 - Cloud Warrior. Book 1. Patrick Tilley

The idea has come to me to build up a set of figures based on the books and at 15mm scale maybe even a wagon train, if only a small one!

For those interested in picking up the story, the books have had several print runs so picking up second hand copies should be fairly cheap or digital versions are available as well. the series has its own Wikka which is a great resource and also has images taken from an illustrated guide which was produced:

The Amtrak Wars Wiki

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