Tuesday, 23 December 2014

And back with 15mm

And we are back…

From discovering Dystopian Wars I came across the 15mm gaming verse and have become hooked. The startup  cost for a Games Workshop force is still a bit intimidating but with 15mm I can field a force for a fraction of the cost.
After joining the 15mm Sci-fi Gaming Group on Facebook my first purchase was with Ground Zero Games
Ground Zero has huge range of figure and factions, both units, vehicles and mech a options. I settled on the UNSC Line troops

First delivery: £3.00 for 8 figures and £9.00 for a heavy APC all in metal

UNSC Line troops. Based on pennies

Size comparison to Games Workshop Adeptus Arbites. GZG UNSC Line trooper and Brigade Models Power Armour.

Brigade Games
Ground Zero Games

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