Wednesday, 25 April 2012

First figure finished The Emperor!

All my figures from Ebay have started to arrive (just DWA figures at the moment) and have now completed my first figure (in about ten years!) even though the force is NP I think the new white Supreme Daleks are not meant to represent a 'Supreme' Dalek but rather act as force commanders and replace the Black Daleks so for my UberBoss I have gone for a retro style Emperor.This one is partly inspired by the Golden Emperor from TV21 and the Second Empire Graphic Novel (link on the side if you have not read it!) and has turned out okay considering I am a bit rusty!
My favourite Emperor was the stationary Dalek from Evil of the Daleks and I intend to have a go and build one at a later date, I am aware Black Tree design do make one (on my wish list!) but I am not sure it will scale up with the NP Daleks, but I also wanted one I could field.
Next Figure..destroyed Dalek (damaged in transit so reused with Green Stuff!)

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