Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A beginning

So where  to start... I have been a Doctor Who fan and was hooked from the first time a watched it (not sure when, will have to sit down and work it out!) and was also a keen miniature gamer for many years, although strangely the two never met and most of my money went on Space Marines and Slann (big Aztec style frogs! :)
Time passed and my time got caught up on other things and my paints and Bits Box went into deep storage, it was always my intention to return, just not sure when.
Spin forward to just before now ( a week or so)  and i came across a sprue from the Daleks and Cybermen Boxed set from Citadel Miniatures, this had always been a big want when i was younger but they had stopped making them and missed the chance. I won it on a chance bid and although i couldn't get to much out two Daleks and two Cybermen, they sparked my interest and after a browse on the web I came across bit  Doctor Who Miniature Game website. Checking out a couple of the forums the recent figure releases as part of the Doctor who Adventures magazine seemed to be a good place to start, so a bit more Ebay and we will see where we go from here :)
Sprue from Daleks and Cybermen boxed set released by Citadel Miniatures

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