Friday, 30 October 2020

Space Fleet. Rogue Trader 2

 The second Half of my Rogue Trader fleet is completed, quite a feet considering how easily I am distracted by my many on going projects, I have even foregone joining in with Orctober and adding to my painting Bloodbath figures so I could stay on target with this one!

Goliath Factory Ships 'Hercules' and 'Sisyphus IV'

Stalwart Escort ships. 
These are available as free on fleet lists, two per support ship, and are nice additions to convoys and add a sense of scale especially against the Goliaths

Goliaths and escort ships

Rogue Trader 'Copper Star'

SP4 Star Cruiser 'Asimov' class escort cruiser 

Hospital Ship ' Solargale'

SP5 Star Cruiser 'John F. Kennedy' class crusier

Rogue Trader 'Sheridan'

SP6 Star Cruiser 'Sheridan' class battle cruiser

For the remaining Star Cruiser ships I drew inspiration from the TTA books and the artwork of Chris Foss. The Sheridan is based on his image below.

Star Cruisers of the Pan Human Alliance

Intersteller Master Traders Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader and Civilian fleet

Very happy how these have come out and will add some more colour and story options to my games. Star Cruisers have found their way to my watch list and now back to see what I will put on my table/ demand to be started and finished next!

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