Saturday, 4 June 2016

Rogue Trader - Sorting a Chapter

The longer I have found myself back in the hobby the more I have found myself drawn back to what started me out in the first place and the figures I first wanted. After finding the Oldhammer Facebook group I was prompted to dig out my old Rogue Trader rulebook and have started to build a RT force.
Initial plans are for a Space Marine detachment with an Inquisitor or Rogue Trader retinue.

For chapter choice I narrowed it down to Space Sharks, Mentor Legion (the original Owl Badge) but it was this image that finally swung it for me and I have settled on the Dusk Raiders, the original name of the Death Guard Legion before Primarch Mortarion was discovered and given them

and a mood board of images gathered from the internet

Dusk Raiders Wikia link

The force will represent both old 'old' in terms of using original RT figures and elements of new 'old' for back story for them. These Dusk Raiders are some of those that survived the betrayal of the Death Guard, the remnants of the Terran recruits who remained loyal to the Emperor and reverted back to calling themselves the Dusk Raiders.


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