Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Sorting through my old Bitz box I came across a couple of Snotling's hiding in corners.
I never owned an Orc/Goblin force but did have a Pump Waggon and a little Snotling mob just for the   painting, though i did have a plan for a whole stoning army, full of pump waggon's and giggling hordes!
Painting these up has also been a nice test for green skin in preparation for starting my Orc's Drift figures and give them a bit of support/ silliness if I field them independent of the scenario.
The Snotlings will support the Severed hand tribe and plan on a couple more stands and a Pump Waggon which will replace the one I owned years ago and act as a nice centre piece.

Introducing Piks Severed Finger Snotlings!

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