Monday, 8 June 2015


Progress update on my Deamonhost. 

While the Green Stuff was drying on the main figure I started in the Stasis/containment pod that will hold him. I wanted to go for quite a minimal look, as if this has been adapted at short notice rather than a purpose built unit so no skulls, buttresses or gargoyles. The base piece is from an old Zoid toy (Aquadon) with a hatch cut out and several cables added, guitar strings, copper wire and GS.
 Arms and more bandages were added to the figure as wel as some wire which when he is in place will look like connections to the pod. Purity seals have been added and the panel at the side of the pod covered with plasticard and will be painted to resemble the control panel.
I am undecided if I will keep the hatch on, though it will give me an extra panel for purity seals

1 comment:

  1. i like the idea of the scratching on the inside of the lid but not sure if the hatch makes it overall to wide?

    Thought about making the hatch a window?