Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dreams of Mars...

With 15mm gaming and painting (well painting so far!) my wargaming bug has been well and truly woken up. I have been considering a return to Games Workshop for some time and with the release by Forgeworld of their Mechanicum forces and now by GW itself with the Skitarri it has kind of decided it for me.
Ever since I read Mechanicum by Graham McNeil (set during the outbreak of the Horus Heresy)  I have been looking to delve more into the side and along with an Inquisitional Warband  appeal to me the most. They both have a strong Steampunk feel and tap in to the Heart of the Warhammer 40K story with their techno medieval appearance and ideology. As a painter and builder the Mechanicum offers a lot of scope, not just on adapting existing figures but the potential for unique pieces and highly personalised equipment and appearance.
In preparation for a Mechanicum army I have just finished rereading Mechanicum and have started the Priests of Mars which is the start of a Mechanicum Trilogy also by Grham McNeil.
Over on my Pinterest, I have set up a Adeptus Mechanicum board for inspiration:

Adeptus Mechanicus Pinterest

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