Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why Dystopian Wars?
I grew up with Games Workshop and only put it aside when I went to University and other interests and then the demands of work and life took over. Recently I have had a hankering to get back, both to the gaming but also the wider creative side, painting and building. My time is still quite limited, split with work and other larger hobbies so i wanted something I could quite small but still get a nice battle out of. My initial thoughts were for Warhammer 40K Epic but that has now been retired (though rumours seem to be floating round for a return!) and the restart costs for their other lines seem a little steep for what I wanted. Wandering round the net for an alternative I came across Dystopian Wars which seemed to offer what I wanted in Epic but with a lovely Steam Punk sheen and plenty of Airships!

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