Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dusk Raiders 4. Artillery

\gal"lop*er\ (?), n.
1. one who, or that which, gallops.
2.(mil) a carriage on which very small guns were formerly mounted, the gun resting on the shafts, without a limber
gun, a light gun, supported  on a galloper,  - formerly attached to british infantry regiments circa 1790 

I have a vision of Dusk Raiders slogging forward in a vast WW1 style trench torn landscape, Rhinos churning up the mud and filth behind them and pulling up Thudd guns as galloper guns 

When i first started collecting miniatures I picked up one of the so called Agmat Thudd Guns, this was a variant of the Thudd gun made under licence by the french company Agmat. The piece was always a favourite and has served most of my armies and has now joined the Dusk Raiders, will have to try and get another one now!

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